Licensing Contracts and Information

If you are submitting an application and not appointed with the carrier please print out the Individual or Corporate/Firm Licensing papers for your appointment with the carrier.

If you are unsure if your appointment is active please contact us.  A rule of thumb is if you have not submitted an application to this carrier in the last two years your contract is terminated.

Please Note for a Corporate appointment with Companion/Mutual of Omaha..( same papers) print out the agent and special agent paperwork.
Return all paperwork with a current copy of E&O and copy of appropriate State License.


Need to update your Anti Money Laundering Certification on LIMRA   

NAIC LTC Partnership Certification for Non Grandfathered States ... click  LTCI Training      
Grandfathered States are NY , CT, CA , RI

National Insurance Producer Registry ( to apply or renew licenses)  NIPR